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Free 3D Blender Models In The ".blend" Format

Our Blender 3D Model web site features ONLY models created in the ".blend" format (version 2.66+) using a FREE software called Blender. All our FREE models are normal polygon quality and DO NOT conatin any textures. Only our product models contain textures.

Our Blender 3D website is not affiliated with the Blender Foundation, nor is it part of the official web site. Blender Foundation ( is a registered trademark of Blender Foundation and holds all copyright for any graphics and logos displayed on this site that relates to their website.

News Updates:
• 02-21-14: Added Erasers, In-Out Bins, Pens
• 10-12-13: Added Outhouse, Atrium, Log Cabin, Glass Text, Desk Set, Game Tokens, 6 various Icons
• 08-18-13: Added Butter & Milk
• 08-17-13: Added Nice Snare Drum, PC Mouse, Security Camera
• 06-25-13: Added 3D Circular Chart and Alien Bob Character
• 06-05-13: Added Music Notes and Postit Note
• 06-03-13: Added Stanely Cup, Superman logo and Thin Sword

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