Blender 3D Models In The "*.blend" Format

Our Blender 3D Model website features models in the "*.blend" format using a FREE software called Blender. All our models range from are low-polygon to high-polygon quality, and may or may not include any image-maps or other assets. Our Current Blender Version: 2.70a

New Updates

06-24-15: We have added a new article called To Model Or Not... That Is The Question. We will look into the question of whether a person should download models or should they create their own.

06-19-15: We have recently updated our website to an all responsive design which will now display on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop PC's properly. We have also eliminated some models that were not being downloaded as often. PLus, we are going to start designing models that may include image-maps and other assets which you can download in a ZIP file.... STAY TUNED!

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To Model Or Not... That Is The Question.

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